Derecho Sagrado
Specialty Coffee Shop In Tamarindo

Specialty Coffee

Enjoy our coffee, certified as Specialty Coffee for top quality.

Good Location

5 min walk to Tamarindo Beach, enjoy our coffee then hit the sand.

Local and Organic

Trust in our quality. We use only local and organic ingredients.

Taste the Tropics: Specialty Coffee Brews Await

Cold Brews

Chill out with our refreshing cold brews, perfect for hot Tamarindo days.

Hot Brews

Indulge in our smooth hot brews, a cozy companion for your Tamarindo adventure.

Coffee Beer

Get the best of both worlds with El Capitán, our unique coffee-infused beer.

The Journey Behind Every Cup

Founded by Esteban Molina, Derecho Sagrado is more than just a coffee shop—it’s a journey in every cup. Inspired by the art of coffee making discovered on the chilly streets of Helsinki, Esteban brought his passion for specialty coffee to the sun-soaked beaches of Tamarindo. Here, we serve not just coffee, but an experience that blends the high standards of specialty beans with the unique allure of the tropics.

Your Oasis in Tamarindo

Step into Derecho Sagrado and immerse yourself in an atmosphere crafted for relaxation and meaningful interactions. From enjoying a refreshing cold brew to striking up conversations with fellow coffee lovers, we offer more than just beverages; we offer an experience. Whether you’re looking to work remotely with our high-speed WiFi or simply unwind in a serene setting, Derecho Sagrado is your go-to sanctuary. Click below to feel the unique vibe that awaits you.

Experience Specialty Coffee at Home

Enjoy the exceptional taste of Derecho Sagrado’s specialty coffee at home. Browse our curated blends for an extraordinary start to your day.

Discover Why We're a 5-Star Experience

We’re proud to be a top-rated café in Tamarindo, boasting 5-star reviews on both Google and TripAdvisor. But don’t just take our word for it—see what our happy customers have to say!

Intrigued? Explore Our Coffee Selection

Elevate your coffee experience with our carefully crafted blends and specialty drinks. Don’t miss out on a taste of Derecho Sagrado, where quality meets flavor in every cup.

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