Can You Bring Coffee from Costa Rica to the US? A Definitive Guide

Vibrant Costa Rican coffee farm with diverse people enjoying authentic brew, and travel-themed elements symbolizing coffee's journey to the USA.

Key Takeaways

IntroductionCosta Rica is globally renowned for its high-quality coffee beans.
Customs RestrictionsRoasted beans have no restrictions; green beans require adherence to USDA guidelines.
Declaration RequirementsDeclare all coffee products when returning to the US to avoid fines or seizures.
Packing TipsUse airtight containers, hand carry if possible, and keep coffee cool during transit.
Derecho Sagrado ExperienceExperience premium Costa Rican coffee with Derecho Sagrado, from their coffee shop to their high-quality beans.

Bringing coffee home from your travels in Costa Rica can be a delightful way to prolong your memories of this coffee-loving country. But is it legal to bring Costa Rican coffee beans or ground coffee back to the United States? What are the declaration requirements and any restrictions you need to know about?

This definitive guide covers everything you need to consider when transporting coffee from Costa Rica to the US. You’ll learn customs regulations, packing tips, and how to elevate your coffee experience with Derecho Sagrado, a premier Costa Rican coffee brand and coffee shop.

Map of Costa Rica showing Derecho Sagrado's coffee bean sourcing regions.


Costa Rica is renowned worldwide for producing some of the best coffee on earth. In fact, Costa Rican coffee is ranked among the top 1% of coffees globally. The combination of rich volcanic soil, high altitudes, abundant rainfall, and meticulous growing and processing all contribute to the exceptional flavors of Costa Rican beans.

It’s no wonder that visiting coffee lovers want to bring back these amazing beans to brew at home. Whether you’re looking for world-class gourmet coffee as a gift or want to recreate the taste of Costa Rica in your own kitchen, bringing coffee home is a tempting souvenir.

So how can you go about transporting those fragrant bags of Costa Rican coffee beans or ground coffee back to the US successfully? Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Customs Restrictions on Bringing Coffee from Costa Rica to the US

Visual guide on importing coffee from Costa Rica to the US with Derecho Sagrado's products.
Your guide to enjoying Costa Rican coffee stateside, courtesy of Derecho Sagrado.

The good news is there are no restrictions on bringing back roasted coffee beans from Costa Rica to the United States. You can bring back as much roasted coffee as you like for personal use.

For green (unroasted) coffee beans, the regulations are a bit different. Green coffee beans are more strictly controlled to prevent the spread of coffee diseases and pests. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) has specific guidelines on the importation of green coffee beans, involving inspection, certification, and import permits.

To be on the safe side, it’s best to stick to purchasing roasted coffee beans during your travels in Costa Rica. Bringing back small quantities of green beans for personal use seems to be permitted based on anecdotal reports. However, the USDA guidelines can change, so be sure to check the USDA website for the latest requirements if you plan to bring green coffee beans into the country.

Declaration Requirements for Bringing Coffee from Costa Rica to the US

When going through customs on returning to the US, it is essential that you declare any agricultural products you are bringing back with you. This includes coffee beans and ground coffee.

Failure to declare agricultural goods like coffee can result in fines or even seizure of the items by customs officials. Be sure to declare your coffee on the Customs Declaration Form 6059B that you will be given on the airplane before landing.

Declaring your coffee is straightforward – simply specify “Costa Rican coffee beans” or “Costa Rican ground coffee” along with the quantity in pounds or kilos on your form.

Don’t try to hide coffee beans in your luggage and avoid declaring them. Being transparent and honest is always the wisest approach.

Tips for Packing and Transporting Coffee from Costa Rica to the US

Packing tips to bring coffee to the USA from Costa Rica

To ensure your precious coffee makes it home in peak condition, follow these tips for packing and transportation:

  • Use airtight containers like resealable bags or plastic jars to maintain freshness and prevent coffee beans from absorbing odors or moisture. Mason jars also work well.
  • Travel with coffee beans in your carry-on to minimize the risk of damage or spills in checked luggage. Keep quantities under 3 oz per container.
  • Seal coffee packaging very well to avoid strong coffee aromas from escaping. This prevents your luggage from smelling like coffee.
  • Put coffee in checked baggage if carrying on larger quantities. Pack carefully with plenty of cushioning.
  • Keep coffee cool during travel by insulating containers. Avoid letting coffee sit in hot environments.
  • Hand carry coffee if at all possible, so you can monitor its condition in transit.

Following these tips will help ensure your precious coffee makes it home in great shape.

Section 4: Elevate Your Coffee Experience with Derecho Sagrado

For the ultimate Costa Rican coffee experience, there is no better choice than Derecho Sagrado. This premier coffee brand and coffee shop allow you to taste the pinnacle of Costa Rican coffee.

High-Quality Image of Derecho Sagrado Coffee Product

About Derecho Sagrado

Derecho Sagrado is dedicated to sourcing, roasting, and brewing the finest coffees in Costa Rica. Their direct trade model builds partnerships with small coffee growers to bring the best beans to their customers.

Their passion for sustainable farming and ethical business earns Derecho Sagrado accolades like Fair Trade and Rainforest Alliance certifications. But it’s their meticulous approach to roasting, brewing, and preparing coffee that makes Derecho Sagrado a destination for coffee lovers from around the world.

Visit the Coffee Shop in Tamarindo

The Derecho Sagrado coffee shop in the beach town of Tamarindo is a must for any coffee fan visiting Costa Rica. You can sample their single origin coffees brewed with care by expert baristas.

Sip and savor your coffee on their open-air terrace surrounded by lush tropical gardens. Indulge in freshly baked pastries, breakfast sandwiches, and coffee-inspired cuisine. Immerse yourself in the vibrant Costa Rican coffee culture.

Bring Home the Beans

At Derecho Sagrado’s coffee shop, you can purchase exceptional Costa Rican coffee beans to take home. Choose from a wide selection of single origin and blended coffees roasted to perfection.

Buy beans like Tarrazu, Brunca, and Espresso Blend to recreate the magic of Costa Rican coffee at home. They also sell French presses, pour-over drippers, espresso makers, and other coffee brewing equipment.

Treat yourself and your friends to the unique flavors of Costa Rican coffee with Derecho Sagrado.


Bringing coffee back from Costa Rica is a fantastic way to remember your trip. As long as you adhere to customs regulations and pack your beans properly, you can enjoy Costa Rican coffee long after your vacation ends. And with Derecho Sagrado, you can be sure you’re experiencing the best of what Costa Rica has to offer.

Whether you’re sipping a cup on your porch or sharing it with friends, Costa Rican coffee is a gift that keeps on giving. Enjoy your brew!

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