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How to Make the Most of Your Coffee Break in Tamarindo


Section Summary
Introduction A warm welcome to Tamarindo’s coffee culture, featuring Derecho Sagrado.
The Charm of Tamarindo’s Coffee Scene An overview of the thriving coffee culture in Tamarindo.
Discovering Derecho Sagrado Coffee Shop An introduction to the unique features of Derecho Sagrado.
Specialty Coffees at Derecho Sagrado A deep dive into Derecho Sagrado’s range of specialty coffees.
The Derecho Sagrado Experience What makes the coffee shop an exceptional place for a coffee break.
Pairing Coffee with Local Delights Tips for enhancing your coffee break with local Costa Rican treats.
Coffee Breaks in the Heart of Tamarindo Enjoying your coffee break in the bustling heart of Tamarindo.
Conclusion Summing up the unique coffee break experience at Derecho Sagrado.


Welcome to Tamarindo, Costa Rica—a haven for beachgoers and coffee enthusiasts alike! In this stunning coastal town, the coffee culture is as vibrant as the sunset skies. Our focus today? Making the most of your coffee break at Derecho Sagrado, a sanctuary of specialty coffee.


The Charm of Tamarindo’s Coffee Scene

Tamarindo isn’t just about surfboards and flip-flops; it’s a haven for coffee lovers too!

Tamarindo’s Coffee Culture:

  • Diverse Range of Coffee Shops: From big chains to local gems.
  • Quality Over Quantity: The emphasis is on specialty coffee.
  • Coffee Breaks: An integral part of the Tamarindo lifestyle.

Have you ever wondered, “What are the best coffee shops in Tamarindo?” Allow us to introduce Derecho Sagrado as the answer.


Discovering Derecho Sagrado Coffee Shop

Derecho Sagrado isn’t just another cafe; it’s a coffee experience. Nestled just a 5-minute walk from the main beach, this specialty coffee haven offers more than just a cuppa.

Unique Features:

  • Location: Proximity to the stunning Tamarindo beach.
  • Specialty Coffee: A range of exquisite coffees, including Thermic and Honey coffee.
  • Facilities: Air-conditioned, fast WiFi for work, and indoor seating!

“What makes Derecho Sagrado coffee unique?” you ask. Hold your horses; we’re getting there!


Pie chart of specialty coffee types sold at Derecho Sagrado

Specialty Coffees at Derecho Sagrado


Dive into the world of Derecho Sagrado’s specialty coffees. Each with a distinct character that sets them apart in the vast sea of costa rica coffee options.

Coffee Type Flavor Notes
Thermic Coffee Fragrance like apricots, flavor like strawberries
Honey Coffee Aroma like maple syrup, flavor like sweet lemon
Anaerobic Coffee Aroma like clove, flavor like fresh apple pie
Natural Coffee Fragrance like cacao nibs, flavor like dehydrated plums
Washed Coffee Aroma like brown sugar, flavor like caramel

Curious about “What types of specialty coffee are available in Tamarindo?” Derecho Sagrado has you covered.


Friendly staff at Derecho Sagrado Coffee Shop

The Derecho Sagrado Experience

Walking into Derecho Sagrado is like entering a world where coffee is king. The ambiance? A cozy retreat with unique decor that tells a story.

  • Atmosphere: Think of it as your living room, but with better coffee.
  • Staff: Friendly and knowledgeable, ready to guide your coffee journey.


Bar graph of popular menu items at Derecho Sagrado

Pairing Coffee with Local Delights

Enhance your coffee break with Costa Rican delights. Wondering about “What are the best food pairings for Costa Rican coffee?” Look no further!

Food Pairing Coffee Type
Local Pastries Honey Coffee
Fresh Fruits Anaerobic Coffee
Chocolate Natural Coffee

Coffee Breaks in the Heart of Tamarindo

So, “Where can I enjoy a coffee break in Tamarindo?” While Derecho Sagrado may not offer ocean views, it certainly offers a view into the soul of Tamarindo’s coffee culture. Located in the bustling main town, you’ll feel the vibe of Tamarindo from the moment you step in. Take a break from beachcombing and immerse yourself in a coffee experience that embodies the local spirit.

Coffee and local Costa Rican treats pairing at Derecho Sagrado


So, how can you make the most of your coffee break in Tamarindo? By immersing yourself in the unique experience that Derecho Sagrado offers. From the range of specialty coffees to the relaxing ambiance, this is a must-visit for any coffee aficionado.

Plan your coffee break at Derecho Sagrado today
Ready for your ultimate coffee break? Plan your visit to Tamarindo and make sure to stop by Derecho Sagrado. Share your coffee stories and let’s keep the coffee culture brewing!
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