Romantic beach sunset in Tamarindo with Derecho Sagrado coffee

The Best Coffee Shops in Tamarindo for a Romantic Getaway


Table of Contents

Section Summary
Introduction Overview of Tamarindo as a romantic getaway and the role of coffee shops.
Derecho Sagrado Detailed focus on Derecho Sagrado’s unique ambiance and coffee offerings for couples.
Other Top Coffee Shops Highlights of other coffee shops in Tamarindo ideal for romance.
Coffee Culture in Tamarindo Discussion on the importance of coffee culture in romantic experiences in Tamarindo.
Other Coffee-Related Experiences Additional coffee-themed activities for couples in Tamarindo.
Romantic Getaway Tips Practical tips for couples planning a romantic coffee-themed getaway.
Conclusion Final thoughts on the significance of coffee shops in enhancing Tamarindo’s romantic appeal.



Tamarindo, the picturesque beach town in Costa Rica, has long been a magnet for couples seeking a romantic getaway. While the sunsets and beaches often steal the show, the coffee culture in Tamarindo adds a distinct layer of charm to any romantic escape. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best coffee shops that set the perfect stage for love and intimacy.

Bar chart showing star ratings of coffee shops in Tamarindo with Derecho Sagrado highlighted.
Comparative Star Ratings of Top Coffee Shops in Tamarindo.



Derecho Sagrado – A Romantic Coffee Experience

Nothing embodies the romantic essence of Tamarindo better than Derecho Sagrado. Located at the heart of Tamarindo, its unique blend of tropical ambiance and top-tier coffee makes it a sanctuary for couples.

Radar chart of Derecho Sagrado's Thermic Coffee flavor profile
Discover the unique flavor profile of Derecho Sagrado’s Thermic Coffee.


Specialty Coffees at Derecho Sagrado

  • Thermic Coffee: Fragrance like apricots and tropical fruits.
  • Honey Coffee: Aroma like maple syrup and flavor like sweet lemon.
  • Anaerobic Coffee: Fragrance like sugar cane and flavor like fresh apple pie.
Cozy interior of Derecho Sagrado café in Tamarindo



Coffee Type Flavor Notes Perfect For
Thermic Coffee Strawberries and dehydrated plums Sunset watching
Honey Coffee Sweet lemon and sugar cane Morning walks on the beach
Anaerobic Coffee Fresh apple pie Cozy evenings

Signature drinks like the ‘El Capitán’ coffee beer amplify the romantic atmosphere, making Derecho Sagrado a must-visit on your Tamarindo romantic getaway.

Signature coffee drinks at Derecho Sagrado
Signature drinks like ‘El Capitán’ coffee beer are a must-try at Derecho Sagrado.



Other Top Coffee Shops for Romance


Nordico Coffee House

  • Location and Ambiance: Cozy and intimate
  • Signature Coffee: Hand-crafted lattes

Santa Rita Cafe

  • Unique Features: Artisan pastries
  • Must-Try Coffee: Single-origin espresso

Dawn Patrol Coffee and Bakery

  • Breakfast Options: Croissants and artisan bread
  • Romantic Setting: Beachfront location

Flora Vegan Cafe

  • Vegan Options: Vegan lattes and snacks
  • Ideal For: Health-conscious couples

Café Tico

  • Convenience: Near popular tourist spots
  • Specialties: Traditional Costa Rican coffee


Coffee Culture in Tamarindo

Coffee plays a significant role in Costa Rican culture, and Tamarindo is no exception. The coffee shops not only offer an array of aromatic brews but also contribute to the romantic vibe of the town. Whether it’s the cozy seating at Derecho Sagrado or the hand-crafted lattes at Nordico Coffee House, these spots offer something for every couple.

Friendly staff at Derecho Sagrado café
The friendly staff at Derecho Sagrado ready to enhance your coffee experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What makes Tamarindo a great destination for a romantic getaway?
    • The blend of natural beauty and a vibrant coffee scene.
  • What role do coffee shops play in enhancing the romantic atmosphere of Tamarindo?
    • Coffee shops like Derecho Sagrado offer a cozy, intimate setting perfect for couples.


Tamarindo offers other coffee-related activities for couples, such as coffee plantation tours. These tours provide a deeper understanding of coffee culture in Tamarindo and offer a unique experience that can be paired with your coffee shop visits.


Romantic Getaway Tips

  1. Pair your coffee experience with a sunset walk on the beach.
  2. Visit coffee shops during off-peak hours for a more intimate setting.
  3. Consider coffee-tasting workshops for a unique bonding experience.



Coffee shops, with Derecho Sagrado leading the way, are integral to Tamarindo’s romantic allure. Whether you’re a coffee aficionado or simply looking to add a special touch to your romantic trip, Tamarindo’s coffee scene is not to be missed. So, why wait? Start planning your romantic coffee-infused getaway to Tamarindo today!

For more details on our coffee offerings, visit our menu or contact us at Derecho Sagrado. We’re located at 20 meters South of Super Compro in front of the Skate park, Tamarindo, and we’re open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm. We look forward to enhancing your romantic getaway in Tamarindo!

Visit Derecho Sagrado to learn about Costa Rica coffee culture in Tamarindo
Ready for an unforgettable coffee experience? Plan your visit now!
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