The Best Coffee Workshops in Tamarindo

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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. The Heart of Derecho Sagrado: Specialty Coffee
  3. Hands-on Coffee Workshops at Derecho Sagrado
  4. Derecho Sagrado’s Coffee Offerings
  5. The Enriching Coffee Blog
  6. Conclusion
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Welcome to the world of Derecho Sagrado, a sanctuary for coffee lovers set against the beautiful backdrop of Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Founded by Esteban Molina after a transformative experience in Helsinki, this café stands as a beacon of coffee excellence. But what sets Derecho Sagrado apart is not just its commitment to quality coffee; it’s also its dedication to educating coffee enthusiasts through engaging workshops.

Cozy interior of Derecho Sagrado café in Tamarindo
The inviting interior of Derecho Sagrado Café in Tamarindo.

The Heart of Derecho Sagrado: Specialty Coffee

At Derecho Sagrado, the term “specialty coffee” is not just a buzzword—it’s a lifestyle. It refers to coffee that has scored above 80 points on a 100-point scale by the Specialty Coffee Association. What this means is that you’re experiencing the pinnacle of coffee excellence, from the bean’s origin to its brewing technique.

Specialty Coffee Score Distribution Bar Chart at Derecho Sagrado

Different Types of Coffee at Derecho Sagrado

Coffee TypeFlavor Notes
Thermic CoffeeStrawberries, Dehydrated Plums, Cacao Nibs
Honey CoffeeSweet Lemon, Sugar Cane, Fruity Acidity
Anaerobic CoffeeFresh Apple Pie, Clove, Creamy Body
Natural CoffeeDehydrated Plums, Blueberries, Red Grapes
Washed CoffeeCaramel, Tangerines, Honeyed Acidity

Hands-on Coffee Workshops at Derecho Sagrado

Have you ever wondered what the term “Third Wave Coffee” means? It’s a movement towards high-quality, transparent, and sustainable coffee. And at Derecho Sagrado’s workshops, you can dive deep into this world. You’ll learn about everything from the history of coffee in Tamarindo to the different botanical varieties, drying processes, and the importance of roasting coffee.

Derecho Sagrado Barista Brewing Coffee
A skilled barista at Derecho Sagrado in the midst of crafting the perfect cup.

What Can You Learn?

Pie Chart of Coffee Workshop Topics at Derecho Sagrado

Derecho Sagrado’s Coffee Offerings

While participating in these workshops, you also get to explore the different types of coffees available at Derecho Sagrado’s store. Whether it’s the fruity notes in their Honey Coffee or the creamy body of their Anaerobic Coffee, you’ll discover the intricate details that make each brew unique.

Coffee and More

Don’t forget to check out Derecho Sagrado’s menu, which features a diverse range of cold brews, hot brews, and special drinks like the unique Coffee Beer El Capitan. These offerings complement the learning experience, making each workshop a holistic journey into the world of coffee.

The Enriching Coffee Blog

For those who can’t get enough of Tamarindo’s coffee culture, Derecho Sagrado’s blog is a treasure trove of information. Some blog posts that may interest you include “The Best Coffee Tastings in Tamarindo,” “Where to Find Coffee Beans in Tamarindo,” and “How to Make the Most of Your Coffee Break in Tamarindo.”


Derecho Sagrado is not just a café; it’s an institution dedicated to enriching Tamarindo’s coffee culture. From their meticulous brewing methods to their educational workshops, they invite you to explore the intricate world of coffee in a way that few other establishments offer. So the next time you’re in Tamarindo, make sure to stop by Derecho Sagrado located at /contact-us/ and embrace the complete coffee experience.

Ready to deepen your coffee knowledge? Keep an eye on Derecho Sagrado’s blog for updates on upcoming workshops and events. And don’t forget to follow Derecho Sagrado on Instagram and Facebook for the latest updates.

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