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The History of Coffee in Tamarindo: From Indigenous Roots to Modern Brews


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Introduction Setting the stage for Tamarindo’s coffee journey Go to section
Early Beginnings How coffee first touched Tamarindo’s shores Go to section
Colonial Influence Spain’s role in shaping coffee culture Go to section
20th Century Boom Rise of coffee plantations and economic impact Go to section
Modern Times Specialty coffee and sustainability Go to section
The Future What lies ahead for Tamarindo’s coffee scene Go to section
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Tamarindo—where the sun meets the sea, and coffee dances with history! This article is your gateway to understanding Tamarindo’s rich coffee culture. From its earliest days to the current revolution led by establishments like Derecho Sagrado, you’re in for a caffeinated ride!

Thesis Statement

Understanding Tamarindo’s coffee history is vital to appreciating its modern coffee scene, a blend of tradition and innovation.


Early Beginnings

Indigenous Coffee Practices

Contrary to popular belief, local tribes in Tamarindo did not consume coffee. Their focus was more on crops like maize and fruits.

First Coffee Plantations

Coffee arrived in Tamarindo in the late 1800s, a gift from travelers and traders.

Early Coffee Milestones in Tamarindo:
Year Event Brief Description
1800s First Plantation The start of coffee cultivation.
1880s First Coffee Export Tamarindo coffee makes its way to Europe.
1920s Coffee as Major Export Coffee becomes a leading export.
1960s Expansion of Small Farms Rise in small-scale coffee farms.
2000s Organic Farming Introduction of organic coffee farming practices.
2010s Specialty Coffee Emergence High-quality, specialty coffee enters the scene.


Timeline chart showing key milestones in Tamarindo's coffee history.


Colonial Influence

Spanish Impact

Colonization left its mark, most notably through the introduction of coffee as a significant agricultural product.

Coffee as an Export

By the early 1900s, Tamarindo became a hub for coffee exports, contributing to the broader Costa Rica coffee culture.


20th Century Boom

Coffee farms sprang up like wildfire, employing locals and shaping lifestyles. Coffee became intertwined with the economy.

List of Notable Farms

  • Cordillera de Fuego (Santa María de Dota)
  • Hacienda La Amistad (Puntarenas)
  • Finca Rosa Blanca (Heredia)

Bar graph representing the growth of coffee exports from Tamarindo over the years.


Modern Times

Derecho Sagrado: The Specialty Coffee Revolution

Enter Derecho Sagrado, leading the charge in specialty coffee in Tamarindo. With a menu boasting unique concoctions like Coffee Beer El Capitan, the café is a modern marvel.


Derecho Sagrado Specialty Coffees
Coffee Type Flavor Notes
Thermic Coffee Strawberries, dehydrated plums
Honey Coffee Sweet lemon, sugar cane
Anerobic Coffee Fresh apple pie, clove and spices

Sustainable Practices

Tamarindo is taking leaps in sustainable coffee practices in Costa Rica, with farms focusing on eco-friendly methods.

Present-Day Popularity

Coffee shops are the new social hubs. Whether you’re sipping a Black Cold Brew or an Iced Chai Latte at Derecho Sagrado, you’re part of a vibrant culture.

List of Popular Modern Coffee Types in Tamarindo

  • Thermic Coffee
  • Honey Coffee
  • Anerobic Coffee
Derecho Sagrado specialty coffee products on a table.
The specialty coffee that sets Derecho Sagrado apart.


The Future

Innovations are brewing! Think Derecho Sagrado’s own El Capitan coffee beer.

Derecho Sagrado Coffee Beer



Tamarindo’s coffee history is more than a tale of beans and brews; it’s a reflection of the community’s evolving identity. So the next time you find yourself at Derecho Sagrado, take a moment to savor not just the coffee, but also the rich history that pours into every cup.

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Questions for further exploration:

  • What is unique about Tamarindo’s coffee culture?
  • Are there any coffee festivals or events in Tamarindo?
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Feel free to take scenic routes on your coffee journey. Enjoy the ride through Tamarindo’s captivating coffee history! 🌅☕

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