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Where to Find Coffee Beans in Tamarindo


Ah, Tamarindo—a beachy paradise where the waves meet an ever-growing culture of coffee aficionados. Whether you’re a tourist soaking up the sun or a local catching the perfect wave, Tamarindo has something special brewing for you. The town is experiencing a surge in specialty coffee culture, and it’s time you got a sip of it.

Types of Coffee Beans

In Tamarindo, you’ll find a smorgasbord of coffee beans that’ll tickle your taste buds in ways you’ve never imagined. Here’s a sneak peek:

Pie Chart Showing Types of Coffee Sold in Tamarindo
  • Thermic Coffee: Fragrance like apricots and tropical fruits, flavor like strawberries and dehydrated plums.
  • Honey Coffee: Think brown sugar fragrance with a flavor of sweet lemon and sugar cane.
  • Anaerobic Coffee: Picture sugar cane fragrance and a fresh apple pie flavor.
  • Natural Coffee: Imagine cacao nibs and ripe strawberries guiding your senses.
  • Washed Coffee: Sweet chocolate fragrance with a caramel and tangerine flavor.

Derecho Sagrado: The Standard for Specialty Coffee

If you’re looking for the epitome of specialty coffee, look no further than Derecho Sagrado. With its meticulous selection of beans like Thermic and Honey Coffee, you’ll understand why investing in specialty coffee is a journey worth embarking upon. Our staff are coffee connoisseurs, explaining the nuances and origins of each bean. The unique coffees produced by Derecho Sagrado are worth every cent. From Thermic to Wash, we’ve got them all!

Staff at Derecho Sagrado Interacting with Customers
Coffee TypeFragranceFlavor
Thermic CoffeeApricots, Tropical FruitsStrawberries, Dehydrated Plums
Honey CoffeeBrown SugarSweet Lemon, Sugar Cane
Derecho Sagrado Specialty Coffee Bags


Top Spots for Coffee Beans

Coffee ShopLocationSpecialty Coffee Types
Derecho SagradoTamarindo BeachAll 5 types listed above
Tamarindo Coffee RoastersCentral TamarindoLocal Roasts
Nordico Coffee HousePlaza TamarindoSingle Origin

Hidden Gems

Beyond the mainstream coffee shops, Tamarindo hides some lesser-known spots where you can find quality coffee beans. Keep an eye out; you never know what treasures you’ll unearth!


Online Stores & Local Markets

Don’t feel like stepping out? Check out online stores that deliver Tamarindo’s finest coffee beans to your doorstep. Local markets are another unmissable destination, offering an array of options that answer the question, “Where can I buy coffee beans in Tamarindo?”


How to Choose Your Coffee Beans

Choosing the right coffee bean is like selecting a surfboard—you need the one that complements your wave. Consider the following:

  • Origin: Tarrazú? Dota? San Ramón?
  • Process: Thermic? Washed? Anaerobic?
  • Flavor Notes: Fruity? Chocolatey? Spicy?


Tamarindo is more than just a beach paradise; it’s a haven for coffee lovers. With a plethora of options, from Derecho Sagrado’s specialty coffee to local roasts, you’re sure to find your perfect cup. So go ahead, explore and indulge!

Line Graph Showing Growth in Specialty Coffee Culture in Tamarindo
The rising trend of specialty coffee culture in Tamarindo over the years.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy coffee beans in Tamarindo?
  • Does Tamarindo have specialty coffee beans?
  • Can I buy Derecho Sagrado coffee in Tamarindo?
    • Yes, at their Tamarindo Beach location.
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